Covid 19- Shop rules for Customers

Covid 19- Shop rules for Customers


  1. Mouth masks are Mandatory when entering our shops;
  2. Each shop will indicate the maximum capacity of customers;
  3. Don’t come in groups.
  4. Start at the register in order to get your hands sanitized. If you have your own sanitizer, we would highly appreciate it;
  5. If you feel the need to sneeze / cough, use your elbow;
  6. Payment is preferably by means of card & no reservations can be made;
  7. Shopping time is 30 minutes maximum in a full capacity shop;
  8. Respect Social Distancing. Pay attention to the floor signs that have been placed;
  9. Do you have one of the following symptoms? Stay at home

Fever – Tiredness / Fatigue – Dry Cough/ Breathing Difficulties – Aches & Pains – Nasal congestion – Runny Nose – Sore Throat- diarrhea.

  1. Please respect the rules, employees, customers and yourself as we are all in this together.


We thank you for understanding – T2 management.